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POBA is the first-ever “virtual cultural arts center” to celebrate the enduring and transformative power of creativity by featuring works of deceased 20th and 21st century artists that span the full gamut of artistic expression.

POBA was founded to showcase, promote and preserve the creative work of artists who have died without recognition of the full measure of their talents or creative legacies.

Keeping Creative Legacies Alive

POBA’s primary mission is simple: to keep these creative works alive, and through them to inspire, provoke, intrigue, entertain, and enliven us. But POBA also does more. Through online resources and real-world services, POBA assists individuals, estates and institutions that own or manage a creative legacy or arts collection to preserve, protect, document, digitize, complete and in many other ways ensure these collections live on.

Help For Heirs and Estate Executors

If you own the rights to, manage or advise about the creative legacy of a deceased artist, POBA is where you can:

- Store digital still and moving images and recordings of their creative works in private, secure digital storage vaults – including painting and drawings, writings, spoken and musical performances, video and film, photography, dance, object arts, and more
- Create and Display the art works of exceptional, deceased artists in one of more portfolios on POBA
- Sell original art works and fine art prints of original works of artists displayed on POBA through the POBA Shop
- Use POBA’s personalized POBA Concierge and POBA-affiliated appraisers, archivists, cataloguers, producers, publishers, and more to organize, preserve, digitize, appraise, market, and sell creative works in all genres.

Help for Art Collectors

POBA assists individuals, estates and institutions that own or manage an arts collection to authenticate, conserve, protect, document, digitize, complete and in many other ways ensure these collections have a long and vibrant future. POBA Concierge Services and POBA-affiliated authenticators, appraisers, archivists, cataloguers, producers, publishers, and more can help you to ensure art and historical works live on for either personal pleasure or public enjoyment.

Help for Working Artists

POBA also assists working artists and their families, agents and representatives manage their own works for future preservation, viewing, and value. POBA Concierge Services also helps working artists to get their creative works in all genres organized, preserved, digitized, appraised, and catalogued affordably. POBA also organizes and provides webinars and professional development events to assist working artists to manage their art careers smartly while focusing first and foremost on their creative output.

Work With POBA’s Outstanding Partners and Experts

POBA has formed selective affiliations and partnerships with key cultural institutions and professional associations in the arts and sciences. These organizations provide best-in-class professional expertise to POBA members and clients, and receive special benefits and other support from POBA to help promote their missions, membership and other development and educational goals. Visit our Partners and Affiliates page to see a partial listing.

POBA is Non-Profit

POBA is a program of the James Kirk Bernard Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to honor the artistic interests of Jamie Bernard, a young writer and artist (1987- 2010) and to use his creative legacy as a springboard to recognize and support the legacies of other talented deceased artists, regardless of genre or medium. The Foundation sought the assistance of Songmasters to develop a project befitting these artists to ensure that their creative works and legacies can be enjoyed and appreciated long into the future.

POBA is the pronounced form of phowa, a Tibetan phrase that describes the transformation of consciousness at death to begin a new life. This phrase captures the essence of POBA: the enduring and transcendent power of the arts to transform the experience and consciousness of all who contact great works. Whether by creating them or by meeting them over time, we give such works a new life on POBA.


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