Sarah McMillan Fine Art



I am an appraiser, editor and writer specializing in the art industry.


New York, New York
United States 10003
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Years in Business: 4 years
Number of Employees: 1

By appointment

Services & Specialties: Advisory Services, Appraisers Association of America Credentials, Existing Inventory for Sale, Locating Art for Purchase, Secondary Market, Valuation for Insurance Coverage, Valuation for Liquidation, Valuation for Sale, Valuations for Private Sales

Additional Information

Taking New Clients?: Yes

Willing to Travel?: Yes

Works with New Collectors?: Yes

Affiliations: Appraisers Association of America, candidate
Association of Prints Scholars, member

Background of Key Personnel: Sarah McMillan has worked in the Appraisals and Print and Multiples department for a major auction house. She has also previously worked in art galleries specializing in Contemporary art and Regionalist printmakers. She received her MA from the Courtauld Institute of Art with a specialization in Print Culture in Early Modern Europe, and her BA from Northwestern University in Art History and Italian.

She has also undergone extensive training through New York University's training in Appraisal Studies, and has passed USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), which sets the minimum standards for appraisal practice and to which all appraisals adhere.

Fee Structure: Appraisal fees are based on an hourly rate

Languages Spoken: English, Italian