Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd.


Robert Grunder, Director, and Joseph K. Levene, President, together have 3 decades multifaceted art experience as art dealer, art collector, curator, fine art executive and selling art online. As a result, Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. has cultivated an International network of long-standing relationships and friendships with trusted colleagues, including private collectors leading gallerists, corporate and museum curators and auction house specialists.

25 Central Park West
New York, New York
United States 10023

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Columbus Circle
View Phone212.757.8012
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Years in Business: 27 years
Number of Employees: 2-5
  1. Features
  1. Jasper Johns limited edition prints
  2. Andy Warhol art
  3. Cindy Sherman photography
  4. Pop Art limited editions and prints
  5. Estate of Tony Rosenthal

By appointment only
10 am to 6 pm

Services & Specialties: Acquisitions, Advisory Services, Auction Support, Collection Management, Corporate Collection Advisory, Curation, Deaccessions, Existing Inventory for Sale, Locating Art for Purchase, Market Analysis Report, Price Evaluation, Price Negotiation, Private Collection Advisory, Provenance Checks, Sales, Secondary Market, Valuations for Private Sales

Additional Information

Taking New Clients?: Yes

Willing to Travel?: Yes

Works with New Collectors?: Yes

Key Personnel: Robert Grunder - Director -
Joseph K. Levene - President

Background of Key Personnel: Joseph K. Levene
Joseph K. Levene began collecting art when he was 12; Joe's first fine art purchase was a 1946 Alexander Calder drawing purchased from the legendary Perls Gallery, still in his collection. A graduate of The Wharton School, Joseph K. Levene is an Internationally recognized authority on art by Jasper Johns & Andy Warhol.

Son of legendary stage & film actor Sam Levene, Joseph K. Levene has 3 decades multifaceted fine art experience as art dealer, art collector, fine art executive and selling fine art online.

Prior to establishing Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. in 1991, Joseph K. Levene was President/COO, Petersburg Press, Inc., the International fine art publisher of limited edition prints. Before becoming a full-time art dealer, Mr. Levene was a successful advertising executive on a variety of packaged goods productions from Procter & Gamble & Bristol-Myers.

Joseph K. Levene has over 15 years experience buying & selling fine art online; as fine art consultant to artnet, Joseph K. Levene launched its e-commerce printstore; in addition,, Mr. Levene was an original, invited charter member, Sotheby's fine art auctions; in 1999, he launched an eBay store featuring blue-chip fine art, and provided all fine art buyers with a guarantee of authenticity & condition for all fine art offered & sold on eBay.

Robert Grunder
Robert Grunder joined Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. in 2001 and was promoted to Director in 2003. Mr. Grunder works directly with clients to build collections of blue-chip art and is actively involved in all aspects of buying and selling fine art.

Robert Grunder previously held management positions with Marlborough Gallery and artnet and has collaborated on numerous independent curatorial projects.

Mr. Grunder received an MFA in painting and art history from the New York Academy of Art, the legendary Academy founded by Andy Warhol, and worked closely with prominent artists Mark Tansey, Eric Fischl and Vincent Desiderio. Also a painter, Mr. Grunder's paintings have been reviewed in The New York Times.

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