ILevel, Inc.


At ILevel, our white glove yet affordable service safely and securely installs all types of art from family photographs to fine art and mirrors. We work in a wide variety of venues from J. Crew and Conde Nast to hotels and hospitals. Call us to schedule an appointment. 212.477.4319

37 East 7th Street
New York, New York
United States 10003
View Phone212 477 4319
View Fax212 477 2325
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Years in Business: 30 years
Number of Employees: 11-20

Services & Specialties: Art Concierge Services, Collection Management Services, Confidentiality, Exhibition Services, Installation

Additional Information

Taking New Clients?: Yes

Willing to Travel?: Yes

Works with New Collectors?: Yes

Company Summary: Read what the Franklin Report says; We hear that ILevel has the manpower to hang your collection and the brainpower to chat about it over tea. Each member of ILevel's sixteen person team has a fine arts background, giving the company a leg up in the design phase of the process; while assisting a client in the arrangement of pictures, the staff takes well-researched principles of color, light, art history, and conservation into consideration. As soon as a particular combination is agreed upon, the pieces are carefully hung, with the entire process backed by hefty liability insurance.

ILevel's list of clients includes celebrities, large corporations, A-list decorators, and major galleries, but those with more modest collections need not fear: though it has been in business over 20 years, Kassel insists that the company isn't snobbish about the kinds of pictures it will hang. Rates––charged by the hour––are not cheap, but not super-expensive either. Top references say, "I wouldn't hang a thing without him."
Representative Client Comments:
"Extremely professional and understanding of the client's needs." "They actually know the significance of what they're handling, which makes a huge difference." "They keep me sane." "They work for top designers, and always do the showhouses." "They bring a military-style precision to the job."

Affiliations: APAA The Association of Professional Art Advisors,

Key Personnel: David Kassel; Founder, Owner
Dan Olincy; Business manager

Background of Key Personnel: Our entire staff hold bachelor or masters of fine art degrees and are practicing artists.

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