Codex Protocol is a decentralized registry for unique assets backed by an industry consortium representing 5,000 auction houses. Codex is initially focused on the $2 trillion Art & Collectibles asset class (art, wine, jewelry, watches, collectible cars, etc.), where the need for a registry is greatest because no centralized title registry exists. For unique assets, provenance (the identity, chain of ownership, and other metadata about an item) is fundamental to value. Verifying this critical information is a constant challenge that creates costly friction in the ecosystem.

The Codex Protocol registry solves this problem by recording, verifying, and securely storing important information about each item. With this information, Codex users can easily access a variety of applications and services like asset-backed lending, insurance, fractional ownership, bidding, escrow and more. The first application lets you use cryptocurrency to buy over $6 Billion of merchandise from auction houses. Many other applications have already been announced including a bidding application, through which the first purchase was of a CryptoKitty for the highest price ever achieved.


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Years in Business: 2 years
Number of Employees: 6-10
Additional Locations: New York
  1. Features
  1. The identity of an item is important for several reasons. First, it is necessary to determine an item’s value, which is critical for most transactions and services. Second, it is necessary to provide ancillary services related to the item.
  2. The Codex Protocol is designed as an asset registry tailored for A&C objects. A Codex Record is designed to preserve all information about a piece, including the evidence of ownership and other metadata.
  3. By tracking ownership and transmission in an immutable history on the blockchain, the Codex Record provides a way for everyone to verify ownership. In doing so, it is decentralized, anonymous and trustless, such that owners don’t have to identify themselves nor does any central authority need to know their identity. This enables enthusiastic adoption.

Additional Information

Taking New Clients?: Yes

Willing to Travel?: Yes

Works with New Collectors?: Yes

Key Personnel: Mark Lurie, CEO
Founded (aqd 2016). Former investor at Bessemer Venture Partners and FJLabs. Harvard Business School, MBA. Harvard College, BA Economics.

Jess Houlgrave, COO
Former private equity investor, OpTrust. Former Investment banking at Credit Suisse. Former Client Liaison, Sothebys. Sothebys Institute, MA. Oxford University, MA economics.

John Forrest, CTO
Former Microsoft, Sr. Engineer, Identity division. Southern Methodist University, BS computer science, summa cum laude.