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ArtBase software solutions are specialized programs for managing all professional aspects of the business of art. ArtBase programs are for galleries, private dealers, museums, foundations, estates, artists, and corporate, public and private collections. ArtBase programs exist for professionals at all levels, from emerging artists and fledgling galleries to leading art businesses and museums.
Using ArtBase is like having all the contents of your file-cabinets, Rolodex, library and art storage racks right on your desktop, accessible at the touch of a button. ArtBase organizes and cross-references everything you do, combining powerful database capabilities, digital-imaging and a genuinely multi-platform functionality with an easy- to-use and elegant design. Can be used from multiple locations, even on your iPad or iPhone. Contact us for more information or for a free demo.

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Services & Specialties: App Available, Gallery Collections, Institution Collections, Museum Collections, Private Collections

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