Art Analysis & Research


Art Analysis & Research is a leading research firm offering unparalleled technical investigations of artworks by combining scientific analysis, technical imaging and technical art history to aid with attribution, authentication and forgery detection.


New York, New York
United States
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Number of Employees: 2-5
Additional Locations: London
  1. Features
  1. Our services include:
  2. — Advanced pigment and binding media analysis of historical paint
  3. — Ultra-high resolution digital imaging in the visible, infrared, X-ray and with ultraviolet fluorescence
  4. — Specialist interpretation of technical imaging
  5. — Technical research studies for establishing attribution, condition and dating
  6. — Forgery detection and assistance in attribution studies
  7. — Second opinions on technical research
  8. — Legal expert witness provision
  9. — Dendrochronology, paper history, wood identification, isotope analysis, radiocarbon and 'bomb curve' dating in co-operation with leading colleagues.