Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Is The Clarion List free?

The Clarion List is free for users who want to search, rate or review art service companies listed in our comprehensive database. If you are an art service company, you can begin updating your listing's information for free by claiming your listing

2.     How can I update the information for my business on The Clarion List?  

Once you’ve found your listing, click on the “Claim This listing” link and follow the steps to set up an account. Select the “Starter” account level to update your information for free, or join the Art Market Insider or Art Market Elite subscription plans to add additional content and images, taking advantage of the branding and lead generation opportunities we offer.

3.     How do businesses benefit from signing up as Art Market Insider or Art Market Elite subscribers?

Art Market Elite and Art Market Insider subscribers receive many benefits to build their brand on The Clarion List. Insider and Elite subscribers may benefit from adding a logo, company description, awards, affiliations, images, video, whitepapers, a company description and much more to their listing. Your business will also be ranked higher within our default search results. To find out the full benefits of joining as a subscriber, log in to your Account Dashboard and click the "Plans" tab, or contact us. You may upgrade your listing when you first claim your listing, or you may elect to do so later by clicking "Upgrade" in your Account Dashboard.


For businesses that we want even more exposure to our global audience of collectors, artists, advisors and other art market professionals, contact us to request our media kit detailing our banner ad and other digital advertising opportunities.

4.     How can I submit a rating or review?

If you are a present or past client, or a knowledgeable colleague, of an art service provider on our list, submit your review in just minutes by creating or logging in to your account and locating the listing you want to review. Click the “Rate it” or “Be the first to review this listing!” link directly below the listing name to begin. You may elect to review under a pseudonym by managing your profile name in your account. For more detailed information, click here.



5.     I see an inaccurate, out-of-date or missing listing. What should I do?

Our research team diligently researched and cross-referenced publicly available information to create The Clarion List. However, as businesses often evolve quickly, we appreciate when our community forwards any concern they have about a listing’s accuracy or a missing listing by contacting us so that we can look into the issue.

6.     I’m having trouble with my account. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble with your account that cannot be resolved by any of our troubleshooting methods, please contact us and describe your problem.