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What You Need to Know About the Increasingly Important Role of Private Art Transactions

Jan 16, 2018

By Peter Falk, Co-Founder and Head of Research for Private Art Transaction Alliance, LLC in New York
For most of the 20th century transactions in the art market were largely under the control of brick-and-mortar art galleries and the major auction houses. Galleries sold privately at what were considered to be retail prices — this defines the primary market. They nurtured artist’s careers and established value benchmarks. As time passed, the auction houses fed off the galleries’ consistent promotional efforts and sold works publicly at what were often by comparison, wholesale prices, and this defines the re-sale or secondary market. But, by 1990 auction price results had be ...

The Art Collector - Dealer Relationship Examined

May 10, 2017

Important Considerations for Find A Trusting, Lasting Partnership

The relationship between art collectors and dealers is unique within the worlds of culture and commerce. In no other creative field--dance, literature, film, music--does a single buyer purchase a work from a single seller in a distinct, personal transaction. It’s an intimate, high stakes deal drastically different from buying a concert ticket or a book. If all goes well, it can lead to mutual education about the market, incredible collections, and even decades-long friendship.
With reputation, finances, and meaningful aesthetic objects at play, what should more collectors consider when working with dealers, both inde ...

Private Art Dealers—The Ultimate Art Market Insiders

Apr 08, 2016

Private Art Dealers are growing in both numbers and influence as more and more art collectors choose to buy and sell art behind closed doors. Private dealers offer access to networks of artists and collectors, insider’s knowledge of the marketplace and great pricing. Savvy collectors, corporations and institutions are discovering the advantages of one-on-one brokered art deals in the midst of a competitive and sometimes overwhelming art world of public galleries, auctions houses, online sales and art fairs.
Knowledge of the Marketplace and a Passion for Art
Many private dealers have long experience in galleries, auction houses and museums. Some keep a foot in each camp, by continuing ...