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Present Technologies Benefiting the Art Market: Our Year-End Editorial

Dec 05, 2016

By Jessica Paindiris, CEO + Co-Founder, The Clarion List
Last year, I set out to use technology to solve an age-old problem in the art market: lack of transparency and access. I launched The Clarion List by taking a proven tech-backed business model—an online, searchable, sortable directory with ratings and reviews—and applied it to an industry that previously relied on word of mouth between the connected few or else various partial, disconnected, typically alphabetical, often outdated lists when it came to sourcing art companies. After all, technology enables unprecedented, efficient information sharing between people, companies and media outlets globally, so why wasn’t t ...

Photography of Art: A Proven, Captivating Power

Sep 13, 2016

By The Clarion List
“If you go and Google the Mona Lisa,” says Andy Romer of Andy Romer Photography, “I guarantee you she’ll have a dozen different complexions or tonalities.” Only one, of course, accurately represents the masterpiece. How can contemporary artists and institutions make sure that what they’re showing matches up with what the public sees online and in books and catalogs? This is where Romer comes in. He photographs artwork for artists, galleries, and museums to ensure that they have the best documentation possible. Images of art (perhaps even more than the physical works themselves) shape perception of both individual pieces and artists&rsq ...