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How to Incorporate Art into Your Home

Jan 09, 2020

Adding art to your interior can be an excellent way to elevate the feel of a room. Depending on which piece you display, you can change the character of a space and create an aesthetic that is uniquely yours.
Now, the location and context of your art can play a huge role in how it affects any given room. Featuring insights from The Clarion List.
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How to Source & Install Art in Commercial Quantities

Jan 11, 2018

by Daria Pletneva, Creative Director at ARTI.NYC
It can often be a lengthy process to source a single work of art for a single empty wall. Sourcing art works in bulk for a commercial space can therefore seem to be an almost insurmountable, difficult task for some interior designers, architects and even new art consultants. However, with careful planning, one can create a cohesive, enjoyable art plan for a large spaces. The following article presents my advice for sourcing and installing 20+ artworks for large projects like townhomes, commercial buildings, hotel chains, restaurants, and even airports.
Plan and Discuss
This step is as evident as it is crucial and underestimated. In building ...

Handle with Care: 5 Reasons to Hire an Art Transport & Installation Company

May 17, 2016

Whether you’re moving your art collection across town to your new home, wrapping up a treasure to be sent as a gift, or simply hanging your latest acquisition, the logistics of packing, shipping and installation require the expertise of art professionals. Art—unlike clothes, boxes of books and general furniture—presents special challenges that are outside the sphere of ordinary movers and do-it-yourself-ers. We explore five important reasons to hire specialized art transport and art installation companies.
“Art was not meant to travel.” Jonathan Schwartz, President/CEO, Atelier4
Reason 1: Protective Packing for Transport
   Works of art are often fr ...