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Art Galleries Respond to Virus Outbreak With Online Viewing Rooms

Mar 17, 2020

Many in the art world say an online viewing room cannot replace the firsthand experience of encountering a painting or a sculpture in person. But collectors have grown comfortable buying based on PDF images of artists they know from galleries they trust. Both galleries and auction houses have even made some significant sales based on images posted on Instagram. And when visiting a work of art becomes impossible, a digital substitute is better than not seeing the art at all.
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Don't Wait...Mitigate: An Art Risk Expert on Keeping Your Collection Safe

Mar 09, 2020

The Clarion List Exclusive
By some estimates, between $4 billion and $6 billion dollars worth of art is stolen worldwide every year. The vast majority of stolen artworks are never recovered. Fires, floods and other man-made and natural disasters account for further loss, along with accidental damage, which can occur when a work of art is being transported, or even when it is “safe” at home. We’ve already written about the importance of having a good art insurance policy, but what proactive measures can a collector take to protect his or her collection?
We spoke to Jordan Arnold, executive managing director in K2 Intelligence’s New York and Los Angeles offices to get ...