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How Covid-19 Has Forced the Art Market’s Speedy Digital Conversion

Jun 01, 2020

Carmen Herrera’s Untitled Estructura (Red), 1962/2018 in Lisson Gallery’s app © Lisson Gallery
Galleries and the art fairs they previously attended have had to accelerate their online presence more than any other area of the art business. Demand to create time-based online viewing rooms has skyrocketed, and for some it’s been a Damascene moment.
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Protecting Fine Art Collections from Theft

May 06, 2020

Photo: The Singer Laren Museum in the Netherlands, site of a recent art theft
By Erin Bast, Senior Underwriter, Huntington T. Block, a division of Aon
Art theft is rare – but has recently made the headlines with two large thefts, a Vincent van Gogh and a collection of 18th century jewelry. Thefts such as these bring up questions for museums, national institutions and galleries of how to secure collections. However, with the coronavirus pandemic continuing and most of the world’s museums and galleries closed, it is particularly important for fine art institutions to take steps to help ensure their pieces are safe.
Coronavirus and theft: unintended consequences 
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Wealthy Art Owners Are Raising Cash From Their Collections Amid The Looming Recession

Apr 20, 2020

Interest rates for art lending have fallen dramatically over the past few years, attracting more companies and art collectors that are looking to secure loans. 

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Art Galleries Respond to Virus Outbreak With Online Viewing Rooms

Mar 17, 2020

Many in the art world say an online viewing room cannot replace the firsthand experience of encountering a painting or a sculpture in person. But collectors have grown comfortable buying based on PDF images of artists they know from galleries they trust. Both galleries and auction houses have even made some significant sales based on images posted on Instagram. And when visiting a work of art becomes impossible, a digital substitute is better than not seeing the art at all.
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Don't Wait...Mitigate: An Art Risk Expert on Keeping Your Collection Safe

Mar 09, 2020

The Clarion List Exclusive
By some estimates, between $4 billion and $6 billion dollars worth of art is stolen worldwide every year. The vast majority of stolen artworks are never recovered. Fires, floods and other man-made and natural disasters account for further loss, along with accidental damage, which can occur when a work of art is being transported, or even when it is “safe” at home. We’ve already written about the importance of having a good art insurance policy, but what proactive measures can a collector take to protect his or her collection?
We spoke to Jordan Arnold, executive managing director in K2 Intelligence’s New York and Los Angeles offices to get ...

Leverage Is Exploding In The Fine-Art World

Feb 10, 2020

Time was, art aficionados rarely talked openly about borrowing money against their paintings to build collections, make investments or just pay the bills.
But Sundheim is part of a new breed of collectors who are eagerly pledging artworks in exchange for lines of credit and, in the process, leveraging the $67 billion art market as never before.
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How Gagosian grew digital sales 350% with one great idea

Feb 10, 2020

Gagosian—one of the more traditional and established galleries in the art world—is figuring out how to sell high-end art online. 
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The Louvre Hired a Nazi Loot Expert to Investigate Its Collection: Here's What Happened

Jan 28, 2020

The Louvre could soon be restituting 10 looted works from its collection to the rightful heirs of their former Jewish owner.
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Art Experts Warn of a Surging Market in Fake Prints

Jan 27, 2020

Since the dawn of the internet, the problem of phony art being sold has only grown, experts say, and the primary coin of the forgery realm has long been the fake print, which is relatively easy to create, often difficult to detect and typically priced low enough to attract undiscriminating novice buyers.
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An Insider Look at the Art Insurance Claims Process

Jan 14, 2020

Whether you just purchased your first major piece, or you’ve spent a lifetime amassing an extensive collection, nothing can prepare you for the devastation of a lost or damaged work of art. Of course, an adequate insurance policy will ensure that you are financially compensated, but collectors often feel a deeper connection to their artworks. Knowing how the insurance claims process works can take some of the sting out of losing such a personal asset, and knowing how to avoid it altogether by taking measures to protect your artwork can save you from both headache and heartache. 
How Claims Begin
Allen Olson-Urtecho is a Renaissance man who has lived in 10 countries and backpacke ...