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Galleries That Moonlight: How Dealers Are Making Money in Nontraditional Ways, From Advising Hotels

Jul 29, 2019

To increase revenue in a crowded field, galleries are developing side hustles as event venues and corporate art advisors.
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The Changing Role of the Art Advisor

Jul 29, 2019

The line between dealing and advising on purchases of art is growing increasingly blurred – so can we still expect advisers to act solely on their clients’ behalf?
Source: Apollo Magazine

Comparative Analysis: A New First Step in the Art Authentication Process

Jul 06, 2019

By Lindsey Bourret, Head of Authentication Services, Mearto
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The history of art forgery is nearly as ancient as the history of art. Roman sculptors frequently passed off their works as made by earlier Greek artists. Even the great Michelangelo falsely aged a sculpture to make it appear older and more valuable. In the 16th century, Albrecht Dürer was so plagued by forgers that he inscribed "Be cursed, plunderers and imitators of the work and talent of others" on one of his engravings.
Though it’s certainly not a new phenomenon, the previous decade has seen a number of major forgery scandals, from the arrest of notorious forger Wolfgang Beltracchi,  ...

A new catalogue raisonné organisation aims to foil fakes in the art market

Jul 02, 2019

The membership-based International Catalogue Raisonné Association will offer discounted legal advice and institute an annual conference
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