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The Digital Art Market Heats Up

Mar 26, 2019

Prices are rising, but buyers may not always know the risks—including technological obsolescence.
Source : WSJ-Dan Weil

Art And Money Laundering Why The Global Art Market Needs Regulation - Artlyst

Mar 26, 2019

High-end art, antiquities, and antiques have become more and more attractive to money launders says, Peter D. Hardy a partner at Ballard Spahr, writing for The National Law Review, in an in-depth article published today.
Source : Artlyst-Paul Carter Robinson

Meet the Accountants Who Take on Taxes for The Art Market

Mar 12, 2019

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” and while they are both generally considered to be unavoidable and unpleasant, fortunately, there are professionals who can make the burden of taxes and other financial obligations somewhat lighter for individuals and businesses.
There are many accountants and accounting firms that specialize in services for the art market. From helping artists file individual tax returns to bookkeeping services, management accounting and budgeting, tax and VAT compliance, annual statutory accounts and audit services for arts-based businesses, accountants can accomplish a wide range of t ...

Clean House to Survive? Museums Confront Their Crowded Basements

Mar 12, 2019

With storage spaces filled with works that may never be shown, some museums are rethinking the way they collect art, and at least one is ranking what it owns.
Source : Robin Pogrebin

Wealthy millennials boosting the art market

Mar 09, 2019

The global art market experienced another uptick in 2018, helped by an increase in the spending power of millennials, a report published by UBS and Art Basel said on Friday.
Source : U.S.-Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi