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Closing the Barn Door: How one non-profit helps estate managers to deal with art that has been left

Dec 14, 2016

Image: David Shainberg, What If It Happened, 1989, source: poba.org
“When we opened the barn door for the first time, there were more than 1,000 remarkable sculptures inside, some could fit in your palm and some were over 10 feet tall! The family had no idea what to do with all these objects. They understood for the first time that their mother had, quite literally, created this remarkable phantasmagoria of sculptures, closed the barn door and hidden the key before she died,” Regan McCarthy, Co-Manager of POBA | Where the Arts Live, told The Clarion List.
“In our experience, this is not an unusual situation” McCarthy continued. “This family is hardly alone in ...

Antique Art and the Light Spectrum

Dec 12, 2016

By Manoj Phatak, Founder and CEO, ArtRatio
It is a common misconception that only ultra-violet light can damage art and antiques.
As stated in Technical Report 157 from the CIE (International Commission on Illumination, based in Austria), there are two principal processes by which museum art can degrade:
1. Photochemical action
2. Radiant heating effects
Photochemical action
This can result in irreversible molecular change to the structure of the material itself due to the incident light, not only ultra-violet (UV) and infrared (IR) but also visible light, and the final result depends on the 'activation energy' of the materials in question. The most noticeable change can be colour fadi ...

Present Technologies Benefiting the Art Market: Our Year-End Editorial

Dec 05, 2016

By Jessica Paindiris, CEO + Co-Founder, The Clarion List
Last year, I set out to use technology to solve an age-old problem in the art market: lack of transparency and access. I launched The Clarion List by taking a proven tech-backed business model—an online, searchable, sortable directory with ratings and reviews—and applied it to an industry that previously relied on word of mouth between the connected few or else various partial, disconnected, typically alphabetical, often outdated lists when it came to sourcing art companies. After all, technology enables unprecedented, efficient information sharing between people, companies and media outlets globally, so why wasn’t t ...

Advances in Conservation

Dec 05, 2016

By Gordon Lewis, Senior Vice President and Director of The Fine Arts Conservancy.
PHOTO: Gerhard Richter, oil on canvas
Over the past decade or so there have been tremendous changes in paper, paintings and objects treatment. All of the disciplines have benefitted from new instruments: to mention just two, electronic imaging microscopes which enlarge the work to 240 times actual size allow us to work at a level of detail and precision which was impossible before; specialized cameras which photograph only in infra-red and ultraviolet, among other sophisticated equipment.
Within the discipline of paper conservation, there is now less treatment than was executed before. For example, the devel ...

Interview of the Month with C.M. Russell Art Museum

Dec 01, 2016

This month we discussed western US art market with Duane Braaten, Senior Art Coordinator for the C.M. Russell Art Museum . Learn about this unique Montana museum, the definition of western art and who collects the genre, their upcoming benefit auction and the future of western art in our exclusive interview:
The Clarion List: What is the C.M. Russell Art Museum?
Duane Braaten: Sharing Russell’s West with excellence is the vision of the C.M. Russell Museum. Located in Great Falls, Montana, the museum’s mission is to “collect, preserve, research, interpret, and educate on the art and life of Charles M. Russell; the art and lives of his contemporaries; and the art of precedi ...

Beyond Spin: PR Firms on How To Get Press in the Art World

Nov 16, 2016

Oscar Wilde famously wrote, “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Along the same lines, circus founder P.T. Barnum said, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” While these might both be debatable, they underscore the importance of creating some buzz. Whether you work for a museum or gallery, whether you’re a collector or an artist yourself, discovering how to generate the right conversations about what you do can be tricky. It requires relationships with the media and a network of other people interested in your activities. Plus, you’ll need to determine just how to speak about wh ...

Interview of the Month with The Fine Arts Conservancy

Nov 02, 2016

The Clarion List continues our series of interviews with leading art companies. Whether you are learning about these companies for the first time or are already familiar with their services, we hope this series helps shed insight into each’s distinct niche and make the art services market in general more transparent.
This month we discussed art conservation and the Florida market with leading art conservator Gordon Lewis, Senior Vice President and Director of The Fine Arts Conservancy. Learn about this highly capable conservation studio that serves clients globally, how Florida collectors need to take extra care preserving their collection, the most challenging conservation cases they ...

Currency Uncertainty: How to Guard Against Risk as Brexit Looms

Oct 27, 2016

To coin a phrase: the only certainty is uncertainty
It’s the start of a new fall season in the fine arts world—auctions, new exhibitions, gallery openings, and global art fairs draw international attention—as good a time as any to speculate about the future.
Britain voted to leave the European Union in June, giving rise to regret in some quarters, jubilation in others, and speculation around the world on what “Brexit” might look like. Some believe that the vote signals fissures in the EU as well, and could precipitate changes and reforms in a delicately balanced market still finding its feet after the 2008 financial crisis.
It goes without saying that in a ma ...

What's Hiding Underneath The Paint? Why + How to Hire a Forensic Art Analysis Firm

Oct 17, 2016

Art forgery makes for great headlines and even better stories. Publications from Vanity Fair to ARTnews covered the recent, high profile Knoedler Gallery scandal (which uncovered 40 counterfeit works allegedly by Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and other major artists). Audiences eagerly consumed article after article about household name painters and the crafty conspirators who imitated them and sold the fakes. Reading about the scams is one thing, falling victim to a con quite another.
Thankfully, collectors can protect themselves. Forensic art analysts worldwide are using cutting edge technology to assess materials, technique, and condition in order to ultimately authenticate or deny works ...

Why Accessibility in the Art Market Matters

Oct 04, 2016

By Maria van Vlodrop, Co-Founder and Director of Accessible Art Fair New York Edition presented by MvVO Art
PHOTO: Weekend Photos | Accessible Art Fair 2016 Edition | by Gaëtan Chekaiban
Art, technology, accessibility and change—we’re living in very exciting times! I’m a global, business professional with a lifelong passion for art. After working in both advertising and the tech sector in Europe and in the USA, I started MvVO Art to create innovative opportunities for artists, collectors, art lovers, art experts and corporate sponsors to discover each other and create powerful partnerships. Our debut project is the Accessible Art Fair New York present ...