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The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Say, “I’ll Take It” to a Work of Art…

Apr 18, 2016

It’s easy to walk into a gallery and swoon at the sight of a work of art, but making the decision to buy it is complex. We asked an art consultant, a conservator, an attorney and an adjuster for the important issues to consider before making such a big purchase.
Question 1: Is it True Love or an Infatuation?
Even experienced collectors have made mistakes, so it’s a good idea to take a little time to ponder your reaction. You may want to consider how it fits into your existing collection; how and where you would display it; and if your gut tells you that the price is in keeping with the value of this particular artwork.
Annelien Bruins of Tang Art Advisory offers her clients a ...

Art Collection Management: The Action Backstage

Apr 08, 2016

Behind the scenes of every smart art collection—from those of the grandest museums to those of novice collectors with a few paintings—collection management fuels the passion. From authentication and provenance reports to storage and insurance documentation, art collectors can become overwhelmed by paperwork. It can hamper new acquisitions, hold up sales, undermine donations or simply take the fun out of collecting. The backstage work of collection management holds it all together, allowing you to enjoy your art while growing your collection.
Inventory as Necessity
All collections require the baseline of a proper inventory, and pulling together the information may be a challenge ...

You Loved It, You Bought It… Now What? Crucial Art Framing & Lighting Decisions

Apr 08, 2016

Whether you are a first-time buyer of fine art or a longtime serious collector, there’s a special thrill when you bring your new “baby” home. But as soon as you do, you’re faced with complicated questions about framing and lighting and concerns about conservation. Take your time and do your research. The choices you make right now will have an impact on the value, preservation, and pleasure of owning a work of art.
Not All Frames are Alike
Frames are both aesthetic and practical. A good frame augments the beauty or drama of a work of art while protecting it from damage caused by light, mold, dust, moisture, pollution and other environmental hazards.
“Frames g ...

Art Insurance—The Protection You Hope You Never Use

Apr 08, 2016

“A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not.”
- Leonardo da Vinci
Wild fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, theft, vandalism, damage in transit… All sorts of nightmare scenarios haunt art collectors. Insuring your collection may not be as much fun as hunting for a new work of art, but it is a serious issue for devoted art lovers.
Replacing the Irreplaceable
Insurance is important because it helps protect your investment in art as well as the artworks themselves. Whether you collect contemporary mixed media, vintage photography, 19th-century bronze sculptures or mid-century modern painters, you’ve invested time, energy, passion and considerable money ...

Art Conservators—The Healthcare Providers for Your Art Collection

Apr 08, 2016

Art conservators provide healthcare to your art collection. They are the professionals you should turn to when it’s time to prevent and repair damage to works in your collection. They are trained and educated in art history, chemistry and current restorative techniques. Before hiring a conservator, check their credentials—which should include a Masters Degree from an accredited Art Conservator program. Good as New? Collectors often confuse the common term ‘art restorer’ with the professional title Art Conservator. The difference is years of study and extensive training. The work of a qualified art conservator goes deeper than the surface appearance of an artwork, cari ...

Interview of the Month with Arthena

Apr 08, 2016

The Clarion List continues our series of interviews with leading art service providers. Whether you are learning about these companies for the first time or are already familiar with their services, we hope this series helps shed insight into each’s distinct niche and make the art services market in general more transparent.
This month we discussed the unique art market start-up Arthena with Madelaine D’Angelo, Founder & CEO,and Katya Khazei Director of Marketing. Learn what makes their platform unique among art funds, and how their new product can help gallerists, advisors and experienced collectors co-invest in art with their friends and peers.
The Clarion List: What is A ...

What It’s Worth: How Art Appraisers Value Art

Apr 08, 2016

There are many reasons to call in a professional art appraiser to determine the value of a work of art or an entire collection. You may be dividing an inherited collection among heirs, seeking to collateralize a loan or need to raise cash quickly.
A valuation may be needed to:
- Ascertain the fair market value for an estate, donations or for the IRS
- Determine the net marketable cash value (after expenses) in the event of a divorce or lawsuit
- Obtain a retail replacement value for insurance
- Fix a salvage value (for after a catastrophe)
- Set a value for the purposes of loan collateral
- Find out the liquidation value (during a bankruptcy or to cover large expenses like tuition or ...

Private Art Dealers—The Ultimate Art Market Insiders

Apr 08, 2016

Private Art Dealers are growing in both numbers and influence as more and more art collectors choose to buy and sell art behind closed doors. Private dealers offer access to networks of artists and collectors, insider’s knowledge of the marketplace and great pricing. Savvy collectors, corporations and institutions are discovering the advantages of one-on-one brokered art deals in the midst of a competitive and sometimes overwhelming art world of public galleries, auctions houses, online sales and art fairs.
Knowledge of the Marketplace and a Passion for Art
Many private dealers have long experience in galleries, auction houses and museums. Some keep a foot in each camp, by continuing ...