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Currency Uncertainty: How to Guard Against Risk as Brexit Looms

Oct 27, 2016

To coin a phrase: the only certainty is uncertainty
It’s the start of a new fall season in the fine arts world—auctions, new exhibitions, gallery openings, and global art fairs draw international attention—as good a time as any to speculate about the future.
Britain voted to leave the European Union in June, giving rise to regret in some quarters, jubilation in others, and speculation around the world on what “Brexit” might look like. Some believe that the vote signals fissures in the EU as well, and could precipitate changes and reforms in a delicately balanced market still finding its feet after the 2008 financial crisis.
It goes without saying that in a ma ...

What's Hiding Underneath The Paint? Why + How to Hire a Forensic Art Analysis Firm

Oct 17, 2016

Art forgery makes for great headlines and even better stories. Publications from Vanity Fair to ARTnews covered the recent, high profile Knoedler Gallery scandal (which uncovered 40 counterfeit works allegedly by Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and other major artists). Audiences eagerly consumed article after article about household name painters and the crafty conspirators who imitated them and sold the fakes. Reading about the scams is one thing, falling victim to a con quite another.
Thankfully, collectors can protect themselves. Forensic art analysts worldwide are using cutting edge technology to assess materials, technique, and condition in order to ultimately authenticate or deny works ...

Why Accessibility in the Art Market Matters

Oct 04, 2016

By Maria van Vlodrop, Co-Founder and Director of Accessible Art Fair New York Edition presented by MvVO Art
PHOTO: Weekend Photos | Accessible Art Fair 2016 Edition | by Gaëtan Chekaiban
Art, technology, accessibility and change—we’re living in very exciting times! I’m a global, business professional with a lifelong passion for art. After working in both advertising and the tech sector in Europe and in the USA, I started MvVO Art to create innovative opportunities for artists, collectors, art lovers, art experts and corporate sponsors to discover each other and create powerful partnerships. Our debut project is the Accessible Art Fair New York present ...