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Restoring the Value of Damaged Art

Sep 28, 2015

Insurers of fine art hear lots of excuses in their line of work. Almost as many as third-grade teachers. The movers dropped it. A pipe broke and sprayed water all over it. Somewhere, a dog is likely to have eaten at least one collector's favorite painting.

Selling an Art Collection: A 5 Step Art Market Adventure

Sep 18, 2015

If you’ve inherited an art collection and you’re considering selling all or part of it, you are in for an art market adventure! It can be an emotional and financial roller coaster ride, so it pays to take your time, consult with experts and enjoy learning about the other side of art collecting. Step One—Discover What You Have So You Can Sell The very first step is to figure out what—exactly—you now own and how much the individual pieces are worth in today’s market. This is a good time to bring in both an art appraiser (to help you get an idea of current market values) and an art conservator to assess any damage that may need to be addressed prior to sales. ...

You Don't Have to Be Mad to Invest in Art, But You Do Have To Be Realistic

Sep 17, 2015

Even if you’re tempted by arguments that art is the next new asset class, and data such as the Mei Moses World All Art Index, which as of June 2015 had outperformed the S&P 500 since the end of 2013, there are a few caveats to bear in mind. First, you can’t and shouldn’t view a work of art as an investment, regardless of what some economists argue. Sure, your new painting may hold its value and may even appreciate. But art is the most illiquid and opaque market imaginable, one that makes the murky worlds of hedge funds and private equity look positively transparent in comparison. Read more...
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Why Did I Buy THAT? And 5 Other Art Collector Mistakes To Avoid

Sep 02, 2015

Why did I buy THAT? It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that you’ve brought home the latest addition to your collection, you are second-guessing the decision to buy it. What happened? 
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